Characters (96)

Codepoint Character Name
U+08A0 Arabic Letter Beh With Small V Below
U+08A1 Arabic Letter Beh With Hamza Above
U+08A2 Arabic Letter Jeem With Two Dots Above
U+08A3 Arabic Letter Tah With Two Dots Above
U+08A4 Arabic Letter Feh With Dot Below And Three Dots Above
U+08A5 Arabic Letter Qaf With Dot Below
U+08A6 Arabic Letter Lam With Double Bar
U+08A7 Arabic Letter Meem With Three Dots Above
U+08A8 Arabic Letter Yeh With Two Dots Below And Hamza Above
U+08A9 Arabic Letter Yeh With Two Dots Below And Dot Above
U+08AA Arabic Letter Reh With Loop
U+08AB Arabic Letter Waw With Dot Within
U+08AC Arabic Letter Rohingya Yeh
U+08AD Arabic Letter Low Alef
U+08AE Arabic Letter Dal With Three Dots Below
U+08AF Arabic Letter Sad With Three Dots Below
U+08B0 Arabic Letter Gaf With Inverted Stroke
U+08B1 Arabic Letter Straight Waw
U+08B2 Arabic Letter Zain With Inverted V Above
U+08B3 Arabic Letter Ain With Three Dots Below
U+08B4 Arabic Letter Kaf With Dot Below
U+08B5 Arabic Letter Qaf With Dot Below And No Dots Above
U+08B6 Arabic Letter Beh With Small Meem Above
U+08B7 Arabic Letter Peh With Small Meem Above
U+08B8 Arabic Letter Teh With Small Teh Above
U+08B9 Arabic Letter Reh With Small Noon Above
U+08BA Arabic Letter Yeh With Two Dots Below And Small Noon Above
U+08BB Arabic Letter African Feh
U+08BC Arabic Letter African Qaf
U+08BD Arabic Letter African Noon
U+08BE Arabic Letter Peh With Small V
U+08BF Arabic Letter Teh With Small V
U+08C0 Arabic Letter Tteh With Small V
U+08C1 Arabic Letter Tcheh With Small V
U+08C2 Arabic Letter Keheh With Small V
U+08C3 Arabic Letter Ghain With Three Dots Above
U+08C4 Arabic Letter African Qaf With Three Dots Above
U+08C5 Arabic Letter Jeem With Three Dots Above
U+08C6 Arabic Letter Jeem With Three Dots Below
U+08C7 Arabic Letter Lam With Small Arabic Letter Tah Above
U+08C8 Arabic Letter Graf
U+08C9 Arabic Small Farsi Yeh
U+08CA Arabic Small High Farsi Yeh
U+08CB Arabic Small High Yeh Barree With Two Dots Below
U+08CC Arabic Small High Word Sah
U+08CD Arabic Small High Zah
U+08CE Arabic Large Round Dot Above
U+08CF Arabic Large Round Dot Below
U+08D0 Arabic Sukun Below
U+08D1 Arabic Large Circle Below
U+08D2 Arabic Large Round Dot Inside Circle Below
U+08D3 Arabic Small Low Waw
U+08D4 Arabic Small High Word Ar-Rub
U+08D5 Arabic Small High Sad
U+08D6 Arabic Small High Ain
U+08D7 Arabic Small High Qaf
U+08D8 Arabic Small High Noon With Kasra
U+08D9 Arabic Small Low Noon With Kasra
U+08DA Arabic Small High Word Ath-Thalatha
U+08DB Arabic Small High Word As-Sajda
U+08DC Arabic Small High Word An-Nisf
U+08DD Arabic Small High Word Sakta
U+08DE Arabic Small High Word Qif
U+08DF Arabic Small High Word Waqfa
U+08E0 Arabic Small High Footnote Marker
U+08E1 Arabic Small High Sign Safha
U+08E2 Arabic Disputed End Of Ayah
U+08E3 Arabic Turned Damma Below
U+08E4 Arabic Curly Fatha
U+08E5 Arabic Curly Damma
U+08E6 Arabic Curly Kasra
U+08E7 Arabic Curly Fathatan
U+08E8 Arabic Curly Dammatan
U+08E9 Arabic Curly Kasratan
U+08EA Arabic Tone One Dot Above
U+08EB Arabic Tone Two Dots Above
U+08EC Arabic Tone Loop Above
U+08ED Arabic Tone One Dot Below
U+08EE Arabic Tone Two Dots Below
U+08EF Arabic Tone Loop Below
U+08F0 Arabic Open Fathatan
U+08F1 Arabic Open Dammatan
U+08F2 Arabic Open Kasratan
U+08F3 Arabic Small High Waw
U+08F4 Arabic Fatha With Ring
U+08F5 Arabic Fatha With Dot Above
U+08F6 Arabic Kasra With Dot Below
U+08F7 Arabic Left Arrowhead Above
U+08F8 Arabic Right Arrowhead Above
U+08F9 Arabic Left Arrowhead Below
U+08FA Arabic Right Arrowhead Below
U+08FB Arabic Double Right Arrowhead Above
U+08FC Arabic Double Right Arrowhead Above With Dot
U+08FD Arabic Right Arrowhead Above With Dot
U+08FE Arabic Damma With Dot
U+08FF Arabic Mark Sideways Noon Ghunna