Characters (51)

Codepoint Character Name
U+11FC0 𑿀 Tamil Fraction One Three-Hundred-And-Twentieth
U+11FC1 𑿁 Tamil Fraction One One-Hundred-And-Sixtieth
U+11FC2 𑿂 Tamil Fraction One Eightieth
U+11FC3 𑿃 Tamil Fraction One Sixty-Fourth
U+11FC4 𑿄 Tamil Fraction One Fortieth
U+11FC5 𑿅 Tamil Fraction One Thirty-Second
U+11FC6 𑿆 Tamil Fraction Three Eightieths
U+11FC7 𑿇 Tamil Fraction Three Sixty-Fourths
U+11FC8 𑿈 Tamil Fraction One Twentieth
U+11FC9 𑿉 Tamil Fraction One Sixteenth-1
U+11FCA 𑿊 Tamil Fraction One Sixteenth-2
U+11FCB 𑿋 Tamil Fraction One Tenth
U+11FCC 𑿌 Tamil Fraction One Eighth
U+11FCD 𑿍 Tamil Fraction Three Twentieths
U+11FCE 𑿎 Tamil Fraction Three Sixteenths
U+11FCF 𑿏 Tamil Fraction One Fifth
U+11FD0 𑿐 Tamil Fraction One Quarter
U+11FD1 𑿑 Tamil Fraction One Half-1
U+11FD2 𑿒 Tamil Fraction One Half-2
U+11FD3 𑿓 Tamil Fraction Three Quarters
U+11FD4 𑿔 Tamil Fraction Downscaling Factor Kiizh
U+11FD5 𑿕 Tamil Sign Nel
U+11FD6 𑿖 Tamil Sign Cevitu
U+11FD7 𑿗 Tamil Sign Aazhaakku
U+11FD8 𑿘 Tamil Sign Uzhakku
U+11FD9 𑿙 Tamil Sign Muuvuzhakku
U+11FDA 𑿚 Tamil Sign Kuruni
U+11FDB 𑿛 Tamil Sign Pathakku
U+11FDC 𑿜 Tamil Sign Mukkuruni
U+11FDD 𑿝 Tamil Sign Kaacu
U+11FDE 𑿞 Tamil Sign Panam
U+11FDF 𑿟 Tamil Sign Pon
U+11FE0 𑿠 Tamil Sign Varaakan
U+11FE1 𑿡 Tamil Sign Paaram
U+11FE2 𑿢 Tamil Sign Kuzhi
U+11FE3 𑿣 Tamil Sign Veli
U+11FE4 𑿤 Tamil Wet Cultivation Sign
U+11FE5 𑿥 Tamil Dry Cultivation Sign
U+11FE6 𑿦 Tamil Land Sign
U+11FE7 𑿧 Tamil Salt Pan Sign
U+11FE8 𑿨 Tamil Traditional Credit Sign
U+11FE9 𑿩 Tamil Traditional Number Sign
U+11FEA 𑿪 Tamil Current Sign
U+11FEB 𑿫 Tamil And Odd Sign
U+11FEC 𑿬 Tamil Spent Sign
U+11FED 𑿭 Tamil Total Sign
U+11FEE 𑿮 Tamil In Possession Sign
U+11FEF 𑿯 Tamil Starting From Sign
U+11FF0 𑿰 Tamil Sign Muthaliya
U+11FF1 𑿱 Tamil Sign Vakaiyaraa
U+11FFF 𑿿 Tamil Punctuation End Of Text