Characters (33)

Codepoint Character Name
U+20D0 Combining Left Harpoon Above
U+20D1 Combining Right Harpoon Above
U+20D2 Combining Long Vertical Line Overlay
U+20D3 Combining Short Vertical Line Overlay
U+20D4 Combining Anticlockwise Arrow Above
U+20D5 Combining Clockwise Arrow Above
U+20D6 Combining Left Arrow Above
U+20D7 Combining Right Arrow Above
U+20D8 Combining Ring Overlay
U+20D9 Combining Clockwise Ring Overlay
U+20DA Combining Anticlockwise Ring Overlay
U+20DB Combining Three Dots Above
U+20DC Combining Four Dots Above
U+20DD Combining Enclosing Circle
U+20DE Combining Enclosing Square
U+20DF Combining Enclosing Diamond
U+20E0 Combining Enclosing Circle Backslash
U+20E1 Combining Left Right Arrow Above
U+20E2 Combining Enclosing Screen
U+20E3 Combining Enclosing Keycap
U+20E4 Combining Enclosing Upward Pointing Triangle
U+20E5 Combining Reverse Solidus Overlay
U+20E6 Combining Double Vertical Stroke Overlay
U+20E7 Combining Annuity Symbol
U+20E8 Combining Triple Underdot
U+20E9 Combining Wide Bridge Above
U+20EA Combining Leftwards Arrow Overlay
U+20EB Combining Long Double Solidus Overlay
U+20EC Combining Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
U+20ED Combining Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
U+20EE Combining Left Arrow Below
U+20EF Combining Right Arrow Below
U+20F0 Combining Asterisk Above