Characters (256)

Codepoint Character Name
U+2A00 N-Ary Circled Dot Operator
U+2A01 N-Ary Circled Plus Operator
U+2A02 N-Ary Circled Times Operator
U+2A03 N-Ary Union Operator With Dot
U+2A04 N-Ary Union Operator With Plus
U+2A05 N-Ary Square Intersection Operator
U+2A06 N-Ary Square Union Operator
U+2A07 Two Logical And Operator
U+2A08 Two Logical Or Operator
U+2A09 N-Ary Times Operator
U+2A0A Modulo Two Sum
U+2A0B Summation With Integral
U+2A0C Quadruple Integral Operator
U+2A0D Finite Part Integral
U+2A0E Integral With Double Stroke
U+2A0F Integral Average With Slash
U+2A10 Circulation Function
U+2A11 Anticlockwise Integration
U+2A12 Line Integration With Rectangular Path Around Pole
U+2A13 Line Integration With Semicircular Path Around Pole
U+2A14 Line Integration Not Including The Pole
U+2A15 Integral Around A Point Operator
U+2A16 Quaternion Integral Operator
U+2A17 Integral With Leftwards Arrow With Hook
U+2A18 Integral With Times Sign
U+2A19 Integral With Intersection
U+2A1A Integral With Union
U+2A1B Integral With Overbar
U+2A1C Integral With Underbar
U+2A1D Join
U+2A1E Large Left Triangle Operator
U+2A1F Z Notation Schema Composition
U+2A20 Z Notation Schema Piping
U+2A21 Z Notation Schema Projection
U+2A22 Plus Sign With Small Circle Above
U+2A23 Plus Sign With Circumflex Accent Above
U+2A24 Plus Sign With Tilde Above
U+2A25 Plus Sign With Dot Below
U+2A26 Plus Sign With Tilde Below
U+2A27 Plus Sign With Subscript Two
U+2A28 Plus Sign With Black Triangle
U+2A29 Minus Sign With Comma Above
U+2A2A Minus Sign With Dot Below
U+2A2B Minus Sign With Falling Dots
U+2A2C Minus Sign With Rising Dots
U+2A2D Plus Sign In Left Half Circle
U+2A2E Plus Sign In Right Half Circle
U+2A2F Vector Or Cross Product
U+2A30 Multiplication Sign With Dot Above
U+2A31 Multiplication Sign With Underbar
U+2A32 Semidirect Product With Bottom Closed
U+2A33 Smash Product
U+2A34 Multiplication Sign In Left Half Circle
U+2A35 Multiplication Sign In Right Half Circle
U+2A36 Circled Multiplication Sign With Circumflex Accent
U+2A37 Multiplication Sign In Double Circle
U+2A38 Circled Division Sign
U+2A39 Plus Sign In Triangle
U+2A3A Minus Sign In Triangle
U+2A3B Multiplication Sign In Triangle
U+2A3C Interior Product
U+2A3D Righthand Interior Product
U+2A3E Z Notation Relational Composition
U+2A3F ⨿ Amalgamation Or Coproduct
U+2A40 Intersection With Dot
U+2A41 Union With Minus Sign
U+2A42 Union With Overbar
U+2A43 Intersection With Overbar
U+2A44 Intersection With Logical And
U+2A45 Union With Logical Or
U+2A46 Union Above Intersection
U+2A47 Intersection Above Union
U+2A48 Union Above Bar Above Intersection
U+2A49 Intersection Above Bar Above Union
U+2A4A Union Beside And Joined With Union
U+2A4B Intersection Beside And Joined With Intersection
U+2A4C Closed Union With Serifs
U+2A4D Closed Intersection With Serifs
U+2A4E Double Square Intersection
U+2A4F Double Square Union
U+2A50 Closed Union With Serifs And Smash Product
U+2A51 Logical And With Dot Above
U+2A52 Logical Or With Dot Above
U+2A53 Double Logical And
U+2A54 Double Logical Or
U+2A55 Two Intersecting Logical And
U+2A56 Two Intersecting Logical Or
U+2A57 Sloping Large Or
U+2A58 Sloping Large And
U+2A59 Logical Or Overlapping Logical And
U+2A5A Logical And With Middle Stem
U+2A5B Logical Or With Middle Stem
U+2A5C Logical And With Horizontal Dash
U+2A5D Logical Or With Horizontal Dash
U+2A5E Logical And With Double Overbar
U+2A5F Logical And With Underbar